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Feedback & Testimonials
"You are a terrific writer. That fact will be clear to anyone who reads it. I love your voice (there are so many sparkling phrases and descriptions throughout) and you've created an amazing world within the story. The writing itself is off the charts - your talent is obvious, both as a writer and a storyteller. I can't stress that enough".
Chris Kyle

(Screenplays, Teleplays and Commercials writer;

Faculty member at UCLA - the University of California School of Theatre, Film and Television).

"A throwback to the glory days of movies like The NeverEnding Story and Willow. Peel-McGregor shows herself to be a noteworthy writer and director, capable of grappling with genre mutations and high standard storytelling".

UK Film Review

"Your project is nothing short of amazing. You’ve created a really interesting mood and atmosphere; love the politics; love the visuals. Your work is spell binding and so innovative and fresh".

Lauren Lloyd

(Hollywood producer and Studio Executive on

Evita, The Horse Whisperer, Godzilla, The Patriot)

"Ambitious, extraordinary material. The script and treatment are bursting with original, authentic and utterly unique ideas. This is a writer with something important to say and a wealth of inspiration". 

An Independent Reviewer

at NZWG - New Zealand Writers Guild

"From the beginning it was obvious to me that Agnes had clarity of vision and exceptional originality in her style of filmmaking and story telling, which is so hard to fnd in the industry. As I started work on her project as her Composer, Agnes allowed me the creative freedom as well as facilitated me to explore my craft in new ways which I had never done before. As a result of our collaboration I was honoured with an APRA AMCOS Screen Music Award - a national award that acknowledges excellence and innovation in the field of screen composition. I would like to emphasise that Agnes Peel-McGregor is the sort of “dream director” any composer could wish for!".

Me-Lee Hay

 (Music Composer on Film, TV and Theatre

Vice-President of AGSC - the Australian Guild of Screen Composers).

"It's such a wonderful treat to actually have perspective on a cut because you haven't been the person slogging through rushes. Agnes is a very talented woman".

Karen Johnson

(Editor on The Last Impresario, First Australians, Beneath Clouds).

"What surprised me most about working with Agnes was how in-tune she was with the visual language of cinema, and how best to leverage it to telling a great story. This is a rare talent in the field of directing; one that very few directors possess. Agnes has repeatedly shown an extraordinary ability to craft films through well-guided direction of cast, cohesive and thought-out direction of the story, and leveraging the visual language of cinema. In the eight years that I have been privileged to know Agnes, she has amassed more critical acclaim than most directors and screenwriters that I work with on a day-to-day basis. For some people, these skills are the culmination of decades of honing one’s craft in the industry. For Agnes, however, these skills and abilities come naturally".

Christopher Reig

(Post-Production and Visual Effects Supervisor; 

Workflow Consultant and Digital Imaging Technician on

The Invisible Man, Peter Rabbit, The Dressmaker, The Wolverine).

"Agnes's work displays a unique poetic sensibility, guided by a good, strong creative instinct at both the writing and directing. She draws on a deep well of personal experience and stories to serve her writing choices, and also has a distinct way of expressing them in images. This is coupled with a strong and enquiring intelligence". 

Ben Ferris

(Film Writer and Director; Founder of the Sydney Film School).

Agnes is every actor's dream director. Her attention to detail, commitment, clarity of vision and passion are inspiring. She has the gift of being able to see beyond the words on a page, so you can explore your character with freedom and confidence knowing you have a director by your side who has the wisdom and integrity to bring out your best performance".

Margareta Moir

Actress on Films, TVC's and Plays.



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